Who's Who / SMITH, Christopher James

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Born -
Jul 1966
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Nationality -
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SMITH, Claire

SMITH, Darran

SMITH, Daniel

SMITH, Joseph

SMITH, Martin



SMITH, Alan, Dr

SMITH, Ian Paul

SMITH, Benjamin

SMITH, Nicholas

SMITH, Benedict


SMITH, Alan Frank

SMITH, Martin, Sir

SMITH, Barry James

SMITH, Philip Dale

SMITH, Gary Peter

SMITH, Andrew Ian

SMITH, Paul Alick

SMITH, Paul Andrew

SMITH, Duncan John

SMITH, Sharon Ann

SMITH, Roger Neil

SMITH, Ian Sydney

SMITH, Andrew David

SMITH, Antony David

SMITH, Antony David

SMITH, Barry Duncan

SMITH, Steven Miles

SMITH, Colin George

SMITH, Barbara Jean

SMITH, Mark Aynsley

SMITH, Graham Myles

SMITH, Phillip John

SMITH, Toby Coultas

SMITH, Joseph Barry

SMITH, Sean Michael

SMITH, Mark Richard

SMITH, Geoff Richard

SMITH, Eric Macdonald

SMITH, Jonathan James

SMITH, Matthew James

SMITH, Peter Anthony

SMITH, Graham Francis

SMITH, Marcela Marion

SMITH, Jason Anthony

SMITH, Gregory Simon

SMITH, Roger Anthony

SMITH, Gerald Gregory

SMITH, Michael George

SMITH, Brian Johnson

SMITH, Robert Gregory

SMITH, Geoffrey Paul

SMITH, Philip Patrick

SMITH, Richard Walker

SMITH, Mark Kingsley

SMITH, James Clements

SMITH, Samantha Jane

SMITH, Andrew Glennie

SMITH, Garfield John

SMITH, Julian Matthew

SMITH, Stephen Thomas

SMITH, Kevin Stephen

SMITH, Andrew Leonard

SMITH, Claire Louise

SMITH, Richard Henry

SMITH, James Matheson

SMITH, Rebecca Louise

SMITH, Joseph Charles

SMITH, Hugh Carlisle

SMITH, Jason Anthony

SMITH, Martyn Robert

SMITH, Edward Stuart

SMITHSON, Keith Victor

SMITH, Fiona Ruth Graham

SMITH, Richard Jonathan

SMITH, Ceri Ivor Daniel

SMITH, Graeme Peter, Dr

SMITH, Karen Elizabeth

SMITH, Richard Lindley

SMITH, Alastair Gordon

SMITH, Terence Charles

SMITH, Keith Derek Alan

SMITH, Bruce Gordon, Dr

SMITH, Joanna Elizabeth

SMITH, Richard Jonathan

SMITH, Stephen Rushworth

SMITH, Paul Brierley, Sir

SMITH, Richard James Baden

SMITH, Alan Keith Patrick

SMITH, Archibald Frederick

SMITH, Stephen Michael John

SMITH, Robert Haldane, Lord

SMITHERS, Colin Richard, Dr

SMITH, Patrick Joseph Edward

SMITH, Anthony Edward Pennington

SMITH, David Alastair Maclaughlin

SMITH, Richard Alexander Buchan

SMITH, John Charles Pennington

SMITH, Richard Sydney William, Dr

SMITH, Eric Brian, Professor Sir

SMITH, Richard Michael, Professor

SMITH, Nicholas Michael Norman

SMITH, Peter George, Professor

SMITH, Bryan Robin Geoffrey Gilbert

COMPANIES: Cammell Laird to Fundsmith

COMPANIES: Apollo Therapeutics Fund to Smootheelicious

COMPANIES: Immunocore to MoreySmith

List: GRID companies profiled on Directorzone

COMPANIES: pi-top to Sipsmith

COMPANIES: LBX to Forest Holidays

COMPANIES: Pack’d to Tapi

MARKET: Equity Markets to Space Tech

MARKET: Legaltech to the Crick

MARKET: Blockchain to Chinese Investors

Onfido get CFO + CRO

COMPANIES: Marketinvoice to UKFast

COMPANIES:  ATG to Brainlabs








COMPANIES: Farewill to Rock Up

Fast Track 100 company league tables 1997 - 2018

COMPANIES: Grind & Co to Go Outdoors

Tech Track 100 company league tables 2001 - 2018

CITYZONE: The Accelerators - speakers & sponsors

COMPANIES: Astus to Time Out

COMPANIES: FinnCap to Florence

A-K: 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2017

COMPANIES: Cass Art to Zytronic

CEO / Scottish Golf / Edinburgh & St Andrews

MARKET: M&A to ScaleUp

COMPANIES: Agriprotein to Push Doctor

COMPANIES: Rockstar North to Vitec

COMPANIES: Ambitious Énergie to Pipers Crisps

COMPANIES: Numis to Paperchase

COMPANIES: Faculty AI to Kinteract

COMPANIES: Benugo to STATSports

Oxbotica – new CEO from Tantalum

COMPANIES: Gymbox to Simba

MARKET: Green power to Nanobots

COMPANIES: Lanchester Wine to LoopMe


COMPANIES: Blue Prism to Realeyes

COMPANIES: Boohoo.com to Zaoui & Co

COMPANIES: Ede & Ravenscroft to MRC

COMPANIES: Aedas to Satellite Solutions

MARKET: Drones to Deep Tech

COMPANIES: Gail’s to DC Thomson

COMPANIES: Beckham BH to Jack Wills

MARKET: Health Tech to Station F, Paris

COMPANIES: Kindred Capital to PureGym

COMPANIES: C4X to Hambro Perks

COMPANIES: Biscuiteers to Utiligroup

COMPANIES: Animmersion to Sensyne

COMPANIES: Imperial Innovations to Yoyo

COMPANIES: easyFood to Wildstone

COMPANIES: Okido to Union Industries

MARKET: Cash Burn to Workspace

ELITE programme: 100 UK companies, 17 new

COMPANIES: Gear4music to Starleaf

Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winners 2013

i/v - Harvie & Hudson: heritage business flies again

MARKET: Cyber Security to AI

COMPANIES: Psyche to RM2

i/v – Gnaw Chocolate: hand-made in Norfolk for world markets

MARKET: Startup Successes to Tech Nation

MARKET: Biotech Clusters to Ransomware

COMPANIES: Deliveroo to World of Books

COMPANIES: Autins to TrialReach

COMPANIES: Mixcloud to Upscale

COMPANIES: Apta Biosciences to Veetee Rice

COMPANIES: Copa90 to Mind Gym

COMPANIES: Anaplan to Skyscanner - Unicorns*

COMPANIES: Atomico to Doctify

COMPANIES: Metrasens to Otaq

COMPANIES: Fulham Shore to Produmax

COMPANIES: from Hallmarq Veterinary to Zigzag

COMPANIES: Atom Bank to Propercorn

MARKET: Bioelectronics to Chinese Investment

COMPANIES: Alfa to Tokamak Energy