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"Imagine if every light could transmit data. Lights that illuminate our offices, homes, cars and our streets also connecting us to the Internet and servicing our ever-growing demand for connectivity.

LiFi, meaning Light Fidelity, is a term coined by pureLiFi co-founder and CSO, Professor Harald Haas, when he demonstrated LiFi for the first time at a TED talk in 2011. LiFi is high-speed, bidirectional, networked and mobile wireless communication using the light spectrum, to provide a user experience similar to traditional wireless systems. However, LiFi offers thousands of more highways for data to travel, which means it has the capacity to offer unprecedented data and bandwidth. The answer to our digital future.

pureLiFi are recognised as the leaders in Li-Fi technology. Established in 2012, pureLiFi is a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, where its pioneering research into visible light communication has been in development since 2008 as part of the renowned D-Light project. Our team includes highly qualified, international visible light communication engineers and management experience in the mobile and communications sector exceeding 50 years.

VISION STATEMENT: To be the world leader in Visible Light Communications technology enabling ubiquitous, high-speed, secure data networks wherever there is illumination.

MISSION STATEMENT: pureLiFi seeks to resolve the global struggle for diminishing wireless capacity by developing and delivering technology for secure, reliable, high speed communication networks that seamlessly integrate data and lighting utility infrastructures and significantly reduce energy consumption.

LiFi is a disruptive technology which will shift business models, creates opportunities ripe for exploitation, and is on track to become a $113bn industry by 2022."

Investment: has raised more than £20m from backers including the SCOTTISH INVESTMENT BANK and Singapore’s state-owned fund TEMASEK. EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY also owns a stake as well as some of the intellectual property rights.

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Second Floor Rosebery House
9 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5EZ

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PUREVLC LTD 2012-03-09 - 2013-12-31
VLC LTD 2011-05-11 - 2012-03-09
DLIGHT COMMUNICATIONS LTD 2011-02-22 - 2011-05-11

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Private Limited Company
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10 years
February 22, 2011
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61200 - Wireless telecommunications activities
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December 31
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September 30, 2021
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December 31, 2019