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                                         Free PR on the GRID.


We'll be publishing a series of interviews and profiles with growth company CEOs and Founders in the build up to the launch of Directorzone, to appear under: GROWTH stories, e.g.:




If you run a great company that deserves more recognition for its innovation and success - and would like to be interviewed - then please get in touch 


GRID companies are distinguished by their GRowth, Innovation and/or Direction (strategy / implementation / management). They can be at any revenue stage, but they are all revving their engines on the GRID to sell, export, buy, partner, hire, win investment and to succeed! List: GRID companies profiled on Directorzone.


The GRID marketplace is the engine room that drives our economy. The stories of these companies will illustrate how the GRID works, connects and succeeds.



  • The story – your company’s journey to success: growth, innovation and challenges overcome.
  • Metrics, where relevant – i.e. size, sector, growth statistics, team, export areas…
  • Future – goals + insight into what's on your To Do list.
  • GRID co-ordinates: examples of business relationships (suppliers, customers, partners...).


DIRECTORZONE a company marketplace and platform that:


  • PROMOTES companies in order to increase the quality of their market recognition and connections
  • CONNECTS GRID companies with target counter-parties: customers, suppliers, partners, investors, staff, media…
  • GENERATES business opportunities by matching expertise and resources with market requirements. 



If you’d like your company to be interviewed and profiled on this site, please contact Directorzone.