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IMAGE: courtesy of Sporting Innovations / John Hunter Nemecheck at Atlanta Motor Speedway


                                         Free PR on the GRID.


We'll be publishing a series of interviews and profiles with growth company CEOs and Founders in the build up to the March 2018 launch of Directorzone


If you run a great company that deserves more PR and recognition for its innovation and success, then please get in touch and tell us a bit more about why you should be on the GRID.


GRID companies are distinguished by their GRowth, Innovation and/or Direction (strategy / implementation / management). They can be at any revenue stage, but they are all revving their engines on the GRID to sell, export, buy, partner, hire, win investment and to succeed! List: GRID companies profiled on Directorzone.


The GRID marketplace is the engine room that drives our economy. The stories of these companies will illustrate how the GRID works, connects and succeeds.


If you’d like your company to be interviewed and profiled, please contact Directorzone.








  • The story – your company’s journey to success: growth, innovation and challenges overcome.
  • Metrics, where relevant – i.e. size, sector, growth statistics, team, export areas…
  • Future – goals + insight into what's on your To Do list.
  • GRID co-ordinates: examples of business relationships (suppliers, customers, partners...).


DIRECTORZONE a company marketplace and platform that:


  • PROMOTES companies in order to increase the quality of their market recognition and connections
  • CONNECTS directors of GRID companies with their target counter-parties: customers, suppliers, partners, investors, staff, media…
  • GENERATES business opportunities by matching expertise and resources with market requirements.