Opportunities = Butterflies. Be better prepared.

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Wednesday January 1st 2020

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Opportunities are like beautiful butterflies: ephemeral and gone before you’ve had a chance to react.


Be better prepared?


Directorzone collects opportunities in the growth company marketplace and is building a free advertising mechanism for growth company requirements:


  • ASSETS - plant, machinery, land, property, IP...
  • BUSINESSES - for slae, franchises...
  • FINANCE - investment, loans, grants, invoice factoring...
  • GOODS - raw materials, components....
  • JOBS - Director and managerial level
  • PARTNERSHIP - sales, distribution, R&D...
  • SERVICES - legal, accounting, IT, HR, financial...


Please contact us if you’d like to:


  • keep in touch - for advance notice of when the Marketplace buyer / seller matching functionality is ready
  • contribute advertising content (growth companies) or knowledge articles (advisers + all)
  • be interviewed (GRID CEOs).


In the meantime, have a look around the website to check out our coverage of the GRID marketplace.