Who's Who / GEORGE, Mark Alexander


Officer Details

Born -
Jul 1974
Age -
Nationality -
Country of Residence -
United Kingdom


GEORGE, Ronnie

GEORGE, Nicholas

GEORGE, Anita Anne

GEORGE, Adam David

GEORGE, Catherine Ann

COMPANIES: Corbin & King to RateSetter

MAY, George

HECHT, George

SAIER, Georges

VEITCH, George

DAVIES, George

SEWELL, George

HOPE, George Ian

HOPE, George Ian



COMPANIES: Framestore to Tandem Bank

COMPANIES: Darktrace to Electric Jukebox

MARKET: accelerators in start-up cities


MASSING, Georges


MANN, Alan George

DALTON, Ian George

SALTER, Ian George

SYMON, Carl George

ANDREW, Ian George


DYE, Timothy George

MORTON, John George

DUNCAN, Alan George

PARRY, Roger George

WRIGHT, Alan George

GIBBS, Keith George

NOBLE, David George

GIBBS, Peter George

CASSAR, Paul George

O'DOWD, George Mark

CULMER, Mark George

TATE, George Truett

DUNCAN, Alan George

BUCKLEY, George Ian

NEALE, Michael George

OFFEN, Robert George

PAUL, George William

COPLEY, Robert George

STYLES, Gordon George

NAILER, Ronald George

DAWSON, Stuart George

SMITH, Michael George

MARTIN, George Kelly

MENNIE, Robert George

FORREST, Simon George

RIPLEY, Andrew George

KIRBY, William George

MARTIN, George Kelly

PAY, Alexander George

GUNN, George William

COLLIS, Peter George

RIDD, George Phillip

HAYES, Michael George

LAKE, Spencer George

BARKER, Norman George

COELHO, George Arjun

HULLEY, Gordon George

JONES, George Briscoe

WALKER, Grant George

BREMNER, George Alan

EDWARDS, Fred George

MITCHELL, Paul George

FULLAGAR, Paul George

BECKER, Roger George

MASON, Dalton George

CRISP, Leonard George

TREVES, George Thomas

PALMER, Stuart George

CORMACK, Derek George

ADAMS, George Andrew

BUNDRED, David George

HUDSON, Derek George

LAING, Richard George

L-Z: 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2017

UK business delegation to China

MARKET: Foodtech to Smart Cities

GROWTH stories: AI + shirts

COMPANIES: Ede & Ravenscroft to MRC

COMPANIES: Boohoo.com to Zaoui & Co

COMPANIES: Missguided to Comptoir Group

COMPANIES: Space NK to Feelunique

COMPANIES: Evening Standard to Graphcore

COMPANIES: Agriprotein to Push Doctor

COMPANIES: Makerversity to Vistair

COMPANIES: Cass Art to Zytronic

MARKET: Cash Burn to Workspace

Wales Fast Growth 50 - listings 1999-2017

MARKET: Biotech Clusters to Ransomware

COMPANIES: Genedrive to Leon