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Airbeem | Halewood Wines & Spirits £216.7m | Vets Now £41.4m | Learning Technologies Group £52.1m | Accesso Technology £133.4m


News about 5 UK growth companies and/or accelerators + turnover in the GRID marketplace 13th – 19th May 2018:



AIRBEEM: streaming technology - London

Cash streams in for start-up | The Sunday Times. May 13 2018

DZ profile: Airbeem Limited

Business: technology start-up that helps video-makers host their content on streaming services such as Amazon Fire and Apple TV. Airbeem allows content owners to sell directly to consumers and decide whether to make money through subscriptions, pay-per-view or advertising.

Launched: 2012

Location: London, New York, Kiev (Ukraine)

Founder: former professional racing driver Steve Hardman, 49, and recently helped launch Horse & Country TV.

Staff: 45 in Britain, India and Ukraine

Investment: has raised £2m from creative industries investor EDGE, and will use it to boost sales and marketing.

News: It has a partnership with COMCAST — the American cable giant provides digital infrastructure.



HALEWOOD WINES & SPIRITS: alcohol distributor - Liverpool

Crabbie’s sale to net £200m for owning clan | Ben Harrington, The Sunday Times. May 13 2018

DZ profile: Halewood Wines And Spirits Plc

Business: UK’s largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor by volume. The maker of Crabbie’s ginger beer, Lambrini sparkling wine and City of London Gin.

Launched: 1978

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside

Founder: John Halewood

Staff: Judy Halewood, chair. Stewart Hainsworth, CEO.

Financials: turnover £216.7m in the year to last July, £4.8m pre-tax profit

Investment: Most of Halewood is owned by John Halewood’s executors, family trust and Judy, with small stakes held by senior management. Has hired NM Rothschild to carry out a “strategic review” to explore options, including a sale.



VETS NOW: pet emergency service - Dunfermline, Fife

All hours and all creatures great and small | Liam Kelly, The Sunday Times. May 13 2018

DZ profile: Vets Now Limited

Business: provides out of hours emergency care for more than 1,000 veterinary practices from Aberdeen to Bournemouth. Has established three open-all-hours animal hospitals in Swindon, Manchester and Glasgow. Has treated more than 1.5m animals since it was established

Launched: 2001

Location: Dunfermline, Fife and has 55 sites across the country

Founder: Richard Dixon, 47

Financials: turnover of £41.4m and £2.4m of pre-tax profit in the year to March 2017

Investment: Dixon owns most of the business with his wife. Long-serving staff have some share options. No external investment.


Vets Now owner Richard Dixon delivers sale to rival | Liam Kelly, The Sunday Times. December 23 2018.

1. Dixon has sold the business to INDEPENDENT VETCARE, owned by private equity fund EQT. Dixon and his wife, Jan, also a vet, own most of the business, while long-serving staff had share options, meaning they will be in line for a payout.

2. It now provides out-of-hours care at 59 sites for more than 1,400 veterinary practices from Aberdeen to Ashford in Kent.  ...employs more than 1,000 people.



UK tech consolidates to withstand industry ructions | Aliya Ram, FT. May 18, 2018


LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES GROUP: staff training - London

DZ profile: Learning Technologies Group Plc

Business: staff training and management business

Launched: 2010

Location: London

Staff: Jonathan Satchell, Chief executive since 2013

Financials: revenues outside the UK were 46 per cent of overall turnover last year, up from 36 per cent the year before. Sales increased 84 per cent to £52.1m in the year to December 31. Profit £0.7m after pre-tax losses the previous year.

Investment: Aim-listed

News: has grown through acquisitions and its share price has risen 56 per cent to £1.06 since the start of the year. This month it completed its largest deal, buying US-based recruitment and employment company PEOPLE FLUENT for £107m.


ACCESSO TECHNOLOGY: ticketing business - Twyford

DZ profile: Accesso Technology Group Plc

Business: ticketing business and expert in “flow management” to guide visitors at big entertainment events. Has supplied its technology to zoos, concert halls and theme parks.

Launched: 2000

Location: Twyford

Financials: to 31-Dec-16 Revenue £102.5m, Pre-Tax £10.1m. Revenues rose 30 per cent to £133.4m in the year to December 31, profits before tax fell to £7.2m.

Investment: This year the company’s share price has increased 16 per cent to £22.75.

News:  Acquisitions last year include INGRESSO and US-based TE2, a ticketing software business, for $80m. This is expected to give the company a bigger presence in ski resorts, hotels and other parts of the hospitality industry including London’s West End theatre market.