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MARKET CROSS-FERTILISATION. Image courtesy of sonder3 - Peacock Butterfly



Be part of a new marketplace



...for the top 5% of SMEs: 250,000+ companies in the UK.


Directorzone will use its current public beta phase to identify interesting growth companies, advisers and market issues. We’re looking for contributors, starting now, for the next 4 months. Please get in touch, if you are in one of these groups:



1. DIRECTORS of successful growth companies


In Directorzone speak, you are a GRID* company and we'd like to offer you a business development platform and marketplace. You have a great company, but are you satisfied with:

  • your market profile? 
  • your access to great suppliers / partners / advice / investors / customers?
  • the time it takes to find solutions to strategic challenges?
  • the speed of access to the market you want to reach?


2. MARKET WATCHERS - investors, advisers and commentators


In Directorzone speak, you are the Accelerators** and we'd like to offer you a knowledge marketing platform: publishing your insight and good advice will bring business to you. You have valuable experience and expertise that can help companies to succeed, but are you satisfied that:

  • your expertise and knowledge are well-known in this exciting marketplace?
  • your ideas and advice are easily accessible online?
  • you have enough contact channels open?




If you use this web site to tell your company's story, share your expertise, find solutions, help other businesses with issues and contribute to interesting, purposeful business content, we’ll promote you and your content - free of charge - and you’ll find business opportunities.


EDITORIAL LINE: we are looking for purposeful, useful content that creates market intelligence,  understanding and opportunities. We'd like to:

  • focus on business issues and expertise at companies and business accelerators
  • avoid shallow self-promotion, trivial product / event announcements and unwanted business approaches. There are plenty of good social media channels for this!

The GRID marketplace is interested in what makes you and your company successful, what your needs are and how it can help.





Find investors, customers, partners, suppliers, media contacts and recruits through:

  • Company news: successes, events, people news, innovation…
  • Anonymous channels: Q&A (problem solving); Meeting Request (travel networking); Wanted (investors, suppliers, partners, materials, property, equipment…)
  • Recruitment
  • Company profile: get on the GRID*!




Reach interesting growth companies and other Market Watchers, through:

  • Knowledge articles
  • Comment / advice on CEO articles, especially anonymous requests
  • Accelerator company profile: get on the GRID*!



  • Blog posts: market issues
  • Company + Accelerator recommendations to add to the GRID directories
  • Directorzone feedback: for betactest and market launch.




The marketplace for the top 5% of SME companies (out of 5.4 million in the UK). The engine room of the economy. Companies with strong GRowth, Innovation and Direction in the £0–300m turnover range: revenue growth, hiring, exporting, attracting investment, valuable IP, market buzz….


A selection of GRID companies can be found at:

  1. Company Directory**: 600+ Directorzone profiles with market relationships and information aggregated from Companies House (Directors, Sector, Location and other details), each company's web sites, Twitter and other sources. 
  2. Company News: 650+ GRID company news snapshots from press coverage since 2015.



** Accelerators 


Investor, Adviser, Financial, Academic, Media and Government organisations and individuals. NB 200+ profiles in the Accelerator Directory.




TO GET IN TOUCH, please: