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Wednesday January 1st 2020

IMAGE: courtesy of Matthias Ripp / Any Questions?



Q&A is one of the anonymous communication channels* on Directorzone: where companies can broadcast an issue and request market answers - but without being identified: #anonymousmatching for #growthcompanies.


Replies will come from other members – companies or accelerators - in one of 2 ways:

  • Public comments published under the article 
  • Direct message to your inbox


The anonymity is only 1-way: the identity of authors behind each reply will be disclosed in the published article comment section or in the private direct message.


Examples of issues:

  • LEGAL: contracts, patents, hiring, firing, M&A, disputes…
  • EXPORTING: overseas expansion, geographical / sector contacts, UKTI, credits…
  • PURCHASING: product feedback, company intel, payment terms, options…
  • FINANCE: investment advice, P2P lending... 
  • ACCOUNTANCY: taxation, reporting, technical questions…
  • GOVERNMENT: grants, regulation, support, departmental contacts….
  • IT: cyber fraud & security, upgrades, migrations, hosting….
  •  ….


If you’d like to have an issue published on your behalf, this service is currently free of charge: please contact Directorzone. NB:


  1. Replies will be routed directly to the article author.
  2. All communication with Directorzone will be completely confidential.


* other anonymous channels: Jobs, Wanted, Offered and Meeting Request.

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