Late payment: stories wanted for campaign

Published by Ronan Bryan on November 1, 2017, 9:00 am in Promotion, Blog post


IMAGE: courtesy of Matt Peers / Late payment



Feel bad about late payments? Yes, but what can you do about it, without damaging important commercial relationships?


Directorzone would like to shine more light on the dark practices of delayed payments. Its a power issue and sometimes the balance of power can be nudged by the glare of publicity. 


We'd like to hear from companies that have been victim of the unfair payment practices of other companies - large or small, UK or overseas.


Whereas - for legal reasons - we may not name and shame directly, we can drop very strong hints about the identity of serial culprits and invite our friends in national media organisations to further scrutinise and to expose bullying behaviour.


This feedback will be used anonymously for a series of articles on this subject on Directorzone.


Please get in touch via the CONTACT form on this site, with a brief synopsis of your experience and we'll get in touch. All information received will be treated with 100% confidentiality.