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Wednesday January 1st 2020

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JAPAN – call for UK start-ups working on consumer IOT devices


Market(s): Japan


Sectors(s): Business & Consumer Services, Communications, Creative & Media, Electronics & IT Hardware, and Software & Computer Services Opportunity


Type: Private Sector


Value of contract: Value unknown


Response date: 31/03/2018


A well-known Japanese innovation lab with facilities for creating prototypes and extensive distribution channels is looking for UK start-ups with innovative ideas for consumer focused IoT devices.


This Japanese innovation lab is looking to partner with UK start-ups who are in the development stages of producing small to medium-sized consumer appliances, audio devices, robotics, wearable devices, or any other exciting IoT based products.


The main concept behind the devices should be “useful and fun things for daily life”.


They will provide support for developing the technology, commercialisation, and distribution in the Japanese market, and offer UK start-ups the use of their extensive facilities as a hub in Japan/Asia.


The company is also keen to invest in start-ups.


If your company is interested in this opportunity, we encourage you to register your interest below as soon as possible, being sure to include the following information:


• brief introduction of your company and its technologies/products/business
• your website address
• any specific USP’s your company may have
• any previous export experience


The DIT Japan team will contact you directly to advise on the next steps upon receiving your interest.


Please apply below for further information.



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