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Wednesday January 1st 2020




Worcester based company which has been designing, manufacturing and supplying test equipment for over 100 years goes into Administration.


Opportunity to acquire the business and assets of FH Realisations Limited (formerly Froude Hofmann Limited), a globally renowned designer, manufacturer, and supplier of an extensive range of engine testing systems (dynameters) in the automotive, gas turbine, marine and industrial markets, operated under Licence.


The Worcester based business dates back to 1877 and has employed approximately 100 people in the recent past with an annual turnover of £14m.


The worldwide property rights relating to the Froude brand are available subject to separate negotiation.


For further details please contact:

Laura Tilson, Poppleton & Appleby,

35 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, B3 1EH

Tel: 0121 200 2962, Fax: 0121 236 8340




Poppleton & Appleby were appointed administrators on 25 April 2016


The company formerly known as Froude Hofmann, which designs, manufactures and supplies a range of testing systems in the automotive, gas turbine, marine and industrial sectors, announced last week that it was assessing its future after losses and weak order book.


Andy Turpin and Matt Hardy of Poppleton & Appleby were appointed administrators on 25 April 2016 and hope to find a buyer for the company or parts of it.


Andy Turpin said: “We are extending all our efforts to try to find a purchaser for the company and we have had interest locally, nationally and globally. We are vigorously pursuing those possibilities.


“But such is the position of the company that we have had no choice but to make around 80 workers redundant. We are liaising with the Department of Work and Pensions and have met with MP Robin Walker to do everything we can to help the staff find new work.”


Any parties that may have an interest in acquiring the business and assets of the Company should contact



Froude Hofmann

Froude Hofmann is part of the HW Machinery Ltd group of companies, which includes ATS Elbtalwerk GmbH,Compact Orbital Gears, and Go Power Systems.  Our operations are global. Froude Hofmann has its headquarters in Worcester, United Kingdom, where it has had sites for over 100 years.  At this facility, Froude manufactures its range of hydraulic, eddy current, and AC dynamometers principally for the gas turbine and engine markets.  It is also the centre of excellence for the range of containerised engine test solutions.  


Froude Hofmann Chassis Dynamometers and End-Of-Line systems are manufactured at its major facility in Elze, Germany, supporting our global blue chip automotive and vehicle customers.  A further, more recent development has been the creation of a joint venture in South Korea with Tesys Engineering, forming Froude-TeSys, with the objective of producing chassis dynamometer systems specifically for the Far East markets, such as China and Korea.  The Froude Hofmann North American facility based in Novi, close to the automotive centre of Detroit, produces the Go Power range of portable hydraulic dynamometers and control systems, as well as providing a refurbishment and service centre for the North American market.  


Further sales and service centres in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and Czech Republic, mean that Froude Hofmann can offer support to customers worldwide.