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"London & NY Epiphyte provides a blockchain powered SaaS service that delivers instant settlement and DVP (delivery versus payment) for financial trades. Our system is being used by some of the world’s largest financial institutions for FX, commodity, private equity trades and others

Our settlement engine is being used to power low cost, instant FX transactions. Service providers are using our system for global mobile-to-mobile payments and remittance payments with unprecedented costsavings

Imagine receiving payment at the same instant as performing an intuitional trade. With Epiphyte’s settlement system this now possible. Traders use our system to eliminate counterparty risk. Read more about some of the financial innovation awards our technology has won.

Epiphyte’s mission is to help the financial world take advantage of recent advances in network technology, including the use of cloud and blockchain technologies. We believe that by making financial transactions as fast, inexpensive and direct as other digital services in the Internet age, everyone stands to benefit.

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64 Southwark Bridge Road

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4 years
March 1, 2016
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